George P. Johnson and Altus Learning Systems Announce Partnership

Mar 23, 2007

George P. Johnson (GPJ), a provider of global experience marketing, and Altus Learning Systems, a provider of knowledge deployment solutions for the extended enterprise, have announced a new partnership. An integration of technologies from the two companies is designed to enable brand marketers to use event-oriented content to drive audience participation, increase brand engagement, and extend the live experience, by capturing and delivering event-related content over the web.

The GPJ and Altus partnership can help marketers make better use of these investments by creating an opportunity to capture, transfer, and reuse on-site presentations, speeches, materials, video, and sound. All this is accomplished through a white-label technology platform that integrates with existing web properties, and a search function that allows users to find precise words and ideas in any form of digital media--video, audio, text, PowerPoint, etc.

GPJ will integrate Altus' solutions with its Global LINKS offering, to content strategy and activation. Global LINKS is a GPJ-patented technology that provides control of event management. This platform will take on the branded look and feel of each customer who uses the system, and will integrate with existing Global LINKS and client websites and applications.