Generate Releases Generate g2

Mar 02, 2007

Generate Inc., a provider of real-time contextual information, has announced the release of Generate g2: 2.0. This release, available to users immediately, features a new dashboard, new peer group affiliations, additional trigger events, enhanced functionality, and performance, and additional search capabilities. Version 2.0 is also certified for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 7. This release provides users with increased customization and performance for prospecting for qualified opportunities and lead development.

Features in the 2.0 release include: a newly designed dashboard that displays an immediate overview of the day's events based on each user's preferences. Elements include current information on companies, executives, news, and trigger events; peer affiliation where users can see how other users, within their organization, connect to companies and executives; Microsoft IE7 compatibility so that Generate g2 is certified for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7; quick search where the interface includes a "quick search" button that allows users to search for the latest information in the company, executive, trigger, and news modules.

Searches can be customized by company revenue, number of employees, region, industry, triggers events, and other selects; executive web search so that users can gather information about executives from the web without leaving the application. Functionality combines the executive and their work history into a Google search displayed in a separate window; tracking commercial lease signings and bankruptcies; a "connection on-demand" button has been added to enhance the company and executive search performance. When search results are displayed, users can see the connection value to each company and executive resulting from the search with a click of this button. Connections show how each user, and others within their organization, are connected to companies and executives via three degrees of separation; and additional performance enhancements include group view expansion (designed to allow users to expand/collapse group views), news search performance (designed to allow users to conduct faster searches for the latest news) and default relationship mapping (displays the user's last relationship map layout).