GemX Releases Do Organizer Personal Information Manager

Sep 10, 2004

GemX has launched a new personal information manager, called Do Organizer. Do Organizer was developed and built for individuals and businesses and is a PC software application intended to represent a new approach to organizing, managing, and using a vast amount of information. Do Organizer is designed to deliver a balanced level of power and usability with its "Multidimensional" linking technology. The development of a multidimensional linking facility is intended to enable the user to cross reference almost all records kept inside the application. An individual contact may be linked to one or more appointments, appointments can be linked to notes for additional reference resources, a planner event, journal, and mind map documents.

Integrated solutions for organizing and managing Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Brain Storming and Planner Events are presented as sections. Besides main productivity tools, there are additional tools such as a clipart explorer, icon library, and common phrases repository. Another additional tool enables doClock to have alarms, chimes, and keeping in sync with world time and locations.

Do Organizer is immediately available for trial and purchase. A free, fully-functional 60-day trial version can be downloaded online, or Do Organizer can be purchased directly from the company's Web site for $74.95, which includes an introductory special offer. All Do Organizer version 1.3 purchasers get the latest versions of GemX SurfGem and GuardMax free until September 15, 2004.