Geisinger Health System Selects Site Executive 3.0

Aug 01, 2003

Site Executive, a division of Systems Alliance, Inc., has announced that Geisinger Health System is the latest healthcare organization to deploy Site Executive 3.0, Web content management solution (CMS). Geisinger will use Site Executive to create and maintain an Intranet site encompassing over one hundred separate departments. Using Site Executive's interface, each department within Geisinger can assign multiple authors to update content on the Intranet directly and as many as 400 non-technical Geisinger employees will be able to update the Intranet. Geisinger will be using a range of modules available on Site Executive 3.0, including calendar items, spreadsheets, and drop-down tools for Web site creation. The CMS will record all updates made to the site's Web content, and provide a reporting module that offers a summary of activity in a format of their choice. Site Executive currently services other healthcare organizations, including Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and Doctor's Community Hospital. Recently Site Executive announced a partnership with Greystone.Net to provide health information, covering medical conditions and medical topics, to healthcare clients implementing its CMS.

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