Gavagai Technology Becomes Axonwave Software; Announces New Round of Financing

Jun 20, 2003

Gavagai Technology, a provider of content intelligence solutions for unstructured information, has announced that it will begin operating under its new name: Axonwave Software Inc. Axonwave's software possesses natural language technology. The Axonwave Content Intelligence System (CIS) returns results that are based on user-defined relationships between concepts, rather than on frequency or statistical relevancy of certain words or phrases in a document. Axonwave CIS is designed to enable users to view the results of concept queries in a variety of views, which helps to determine how the information interrelates, and to perform more sophisticated predictive trend analysis. Axonwave has also announced the completion of a $2.3 million second round of financing. Original investors, GrowthWorks and Pangaea Ventures, led this second round of financing to support additional sales and marketing activities including the renaming of the company.