Gathr Lab Launches Live Audience Platform

Oct 17, 2019

As marketers continue to struggle to understand and reach people that drive their business in today’s digital economy, Gathr Lab is changing the script and unmasking the connection between real-world and digital behaviors with today’s introduction of Living Audience, its new audience management platform (AMP).

Gathr Lab, the newest business unit of location pioneer Digital Envoy, enters the market as the only tenured location intelligence company that can anonymously reach custom audiences at scale in both the digital and physical world. Gathr Lab is able to leverage two decades of location data expertise to provide clear and actionable insights that empower companies—from agencies to brands to publishers and more—to make data-driven decisions on how to best connect with their most valuable audiences.

Living Audience simplifies complex first- and third-party data tied to billions of devices. Uniquely, marketers can use either Mobile Advertising IDs or IP addresses to provide high-quality, actionable location and audience intelligence that reveals how consumers truly engage with the world around them. Delivered as a self-service or managed-service solution, Living Audience improves engagement by allowing marketers to:

  •       Build custom audiences at scale and reach them across any device;
  •       Develop look-alike modeling;
  •       Conduct bespoke audience analysis within one easy-to-use platform; and
  •       Gain newfound flexibility to push creative to their preferred programmatic activation partners or to bring the data into their own environments.

Chalk Digital, a pioneer in the adtech industry with the first instant advertising platform built on a hyper-local mobile display, video and social behavioral search and targeting engine, was one of the first companies to use Living Audience. Chalk Digital’s customers include three of the top automotive companies as well as leading real estate brands.

Clients can utilize Living Audience to create and activate audiences or to export audiences for use in their own environment for a fixed, flat CPM.

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