Ganttic Improves Project Management Features in Version 3.1

Apr 12, 2011


Ganttic, which provides a web-based resource planning tool of the same name, announced new features aimed at increasing the usability of its online project management software. The software utilizes a graphical interface and interactive Gantt chart that allows real-time collaboration, resource management, and project scheduling. Geared toward small businesses, the free software now includes improved comments and history, multiple layout options, document linking, and more streamlined project and task commands.

Based in Estonia, Ganttic's goal is to visually present project planning work through Gantt charts instead of large data-filled charts, which are designed to be user-friendly and easy to adopt for any users. Previously called YUTITI, Ganttic was released in July 2010, and the company hopes to expand the market of resource scheduling software by providing this affordable tool to small businesses.