Gamut Launches GamutHD

May 19, 2015

Gamut, a digital media services company owned by Cox Media Group that serves agencies and publishers, programmatically and direct, announced the launch of GamutHD. The new feature, which is already available on Gamut's exchange, aims to provide more transparency and rich data around impressions bought and sold on the open exchange. Gamut says the feature has improved existing impression data 70% of the time, while adding net-new fields 40% of the time.

GamutHD was developed in response to the non-uniform way in which publisher information traverses the exchange ecosystem on its way to buyers. It evaluates each impression that crosses the Gamut exchange for missing or imprecise OpenRTB fields that are either lost during its journey to the buyer or were never present to begin with. Since buyers leverage Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), which each have unique attributes driving their algorithms, missing a preferred piece of data may create missed opportunities to connect a creative message to the right user.

To combat this challenge, GamutHD says it offers a more complete representation ensuring the presence of expected critical fields including: Site URL, Referrer URL, Domain, and Page URL, or mobile properties like App Name, App Bundle, and AppStore URL. Historical data, externally available third party data, and real-time page attributes are leveraged to provide additional information and the richest picture possible for advertisers to buy against. GamutHD anticipates incoming impressions predictively, and pre-caches the rich sets of data needed to augment incoming traffic. This enrichment data is updated continuously in a separate pipeline so that buyers are always seeing as much up-to-the-minute information as possible.