Gamut Launches Gamut Navigator for Publishers

Jul 16, 2015

Gamut, a digital media services company owned by Cox Media Group that serves agencies and publishers, programmatically and direct, announced the launch of Gamut Navigator. The new feature enables publishers to exert more control over the ads served on their property through a browser plug-in that exposes to site managers the full range of details behind any ad delivered by Gamut to their site.

Gamut Navigator provides information on the source of an ad right from the page on which it is encountered. This allows the publisher to communicate any questions or concerns to Gamut account management, and will even allow publishers to block unwanted ads right from their browser while viewing their own site.

Gamut Navigator, which works with popular browsers, gives users direct access to sourcing information. Publishers load their webpage and click the Gamut Navigator button, which scans the page for Gamut tags and populates ad-code and other information that identifies the channels and advertisers behind the display of a particular creative. The available information includes: the ad zone ID, demand side platform, advertiser, click URL, and creative itself.