Gamut Introduces Real Delivery, A Human-Delivery Commitment for Programmatic Digital Advertising 

Oct 03, 2017

Gamut, a solutions-based digital advertising organization from Cox Media Group, announced the introduction of Real Delivery, a pledge that brands and agencies will not be charged for invalid display impressions, as determined by long-time digital measurement provider, Moat. 

The Real Delivery commitment is an anti-fraud initiative specifically focused on invalid impressions and fake results in programmatic digital advertising campaigns. It puts a third-party reviewed, 100% human traffic goal on every programmatic display campaign and assures advertisers that they do not pay for impressions classified as Invalid Traffic by Gamut’s third-party measurement provider. This initiative is a continuation of Gamut's commitment to providing real inventory, real people, and real results for every digital advertising campaign executed. 

To fulfill the Real Delivery commitment, Gamut will serve impressions for programmatic campaigns until the amount of valid impressions match that specific campaign's goals for full delivery. Brands and agencies will be invoiced only for impressions that are not detected as Invalid Traffic by Gamut's measurement provider, Moat. In addition to Real Delivery, Gamut works closely with third-party vendors to further its commitment to providing a pool of the highest quality digital inventory.