and Penny Hill Press Extend Partnership

May 18, 2004, has expanded its partnership with Penny Hill Press in an effort to provide subscribers access to all numbered Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Electronic Briefing Books, from January 2003 to the present. The services are available on a subscription basis via the Web or on DVD-ROM. The Web site subscriptions feature continuous updates while the DVD-ROMs are available on a quarterly updated subscription basis or, as annual archive editions. An index to CRS reports back to 1995 will also be available for internet subscribers.

CRS, the non-partisan public policy research arm of the United States Congress, provides congressional members and committees with analysis of legislative issues. The CRS also provides Congress with Electronic Briefing Books, which are continually updated research studies on fifteen specific interest areas selected by the CRS, used to brief Congress on matters of broad public concern. The division does not distribute its reports to the public, does not make them available to the public on its Web site, nor does it provide public notice of the availability or existence of these reports.

The Congressional Research Service document and Electronic Briefing Book services are available now through with the Congressional Research Service documents service priced at $3,495 and the Electronic Briefing Book service priced at $495 for annual subscriptions. An Introductory offer, valid for orders through June 30, 2004, offers an initial CRS subscription for $2,995. The Congressional Research Service document service on DVD-ROM is offered in subscription and annual archival formats. A one-year subscription, with quarterly updates, is available for $3,495 with an introductory offer priced at $2,995 through June 30, 2004. The 2003 archive disc is available for $2,995 with an introductory offer through June 30, 2004 of $2,495.

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