Gale Updates Products; Adds Consumer Reports to Periodical Databases

Aug 12, 2003

Updates are now available on three of Gale's products: Biography Resource Center, CPI.Q, and Ward's Business Directory. The Biography Resource Center contains more than 40 published volumes containing 80,000+ new and updated biographies as well as more than 300 brand-new entries that have not appeared in any Gale print source were all added to the Biography Resource Center during the first five months of 2003. Included among these entries are: the Iraqi Minister of Defense and Saddam Hussein's son, Qusay and Uday; singer Kenny Rogers; British actor John Rhys Davies; baseball player Brad Ausmus; Chinese pro-democratic activist Xu Wenli; journalist David Bloom; POW Jessica Lynch; British Naval leader David Snelson; plus-size model Emme; supermodel Claudia Schiffer; singer Avril Lavigne; and deceased astronaut Kalpana Chawla.

With the just-completed reload of Gale's CPI.Q database, users will have access to more than 1.3 million articles and backfile coverage for 135 periodicals, including 57 active titles with full-text backfile coverage. Images are now available for 150 of the indexed periodicals. The database is updated daily and retains Canadian spellings and terms.  

Ward's Business Directory is now available for Mexican and Canadian companies. Ward's Business Directory of Mexican and Canadian Companies provides details on 10,000 Mexican and 5,000 Canadian companies with an emphasis on privately held companies and hard-to-find data on small and mid-sized firms. Following the format of the Ward's Business Directory of US Private and Public Companies, volume one of the new publication provides current company information in a single A-Z arrangement, while volume two provides a geographical company listing, industry evaluations, rankings and analysis.

Gale has also added Consumer Reports magazine to 13 of its online databases. Consumer Reports magazine, the publication that provides reports and ratings based on Consumers Union's tests of products, also publishes articles on health, public safety, marketplace economics, and legislative, judicial, and regulatory actions. Full-text articles, images, and full page PDFs will be included in InfoTrac Web databases. Gale has been indexing the publication since 1980. This backfile will remain, along with a backfile of five years of full-text.


New full-text content will be added, with a 90 day embargo, to the following 13 databases: Academic ASAP, Business and Company Resource Center, CPI.Q, Expanded Academic ASAP, General Reference Center Gold, Health Reference Center Academic, Health and Wellness Resource Center, InfoTrac Custom Journals, InfoTrac OneFile, InfoTrac Junior Edition, InfoTrac Student Edition, Student Resource Center. Gale will also backfile Zillions: Consumer Reports for Kids. This will be available in Kids InfoBits database, Gale's research database for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade, which gathers reference, magazine articles, and images in one interface.

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