GUBA Launches Online Video Store with Warner Bros.

Jun 30, 2006

GUBA, an online multimedia entertainment site, has announced its new video service featuring Warner Bros. Entertainment content. This offering allows users to rent and buy, on a download basis, movies and television shows online.

GUBA enables its users to search, upload, and share video posted to GUBA and Usenet. GUBA transcodes video so that users can view content on video formats and portable devices. GUBA enables users to download DRM-protected films and TV shows from Warner Bros. Entertainment. More than two hundred of Warner Bros. Entertainment's latest movie releases are currently available from GUBA, including Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Everything is Illuminated. All video content can be downloaded and played on compatible home computers, streamed to the TV, and loaded onto portable devices.

Rental prices start at $1.99 per movie for unlimited views during a 24-hour period. Viewers can buy extra viewing days for reduced fees without the need to download the film again. GUBA also allows users to buy movies and television shows. Catalog films will retail for $9.99 and new releases, available on the same date that DVDs are released in stores, will retail for $19.99. Television shows will retail starting at $1.79 per episode. Users may keep permanent copies of purchased titles, load purchased titles onto portable devices, and stream purchased and rented content through their home network.