GUBA Launches Free Video Upload and Sharing

Mar 21, 2006

GUBA has added a new video upload and sharing service, GUBA Upload, to its entertainment content site, which currently hosts more than 20,000 videos. The service allows individual content creators to upload videos such as short clips, films, and home movies, and have them automatically formatted for the Apple iPod / iTunes, Flash, and Sony PlayStation Portable formats. All site visitors, including both GUBA subscribers and non-subscribers, can access the service and view the uploaded videos at no cost.

With GUBA Upload, anyone can post videos to GUBA and can link to those videos from individual Web pages. Uploaded videos can include personal information such as the creator's name, tags, categories, and the date the video was created. GUBA Upload provides video creators with an individual URL to their GUBA Upload page so they can share their videos with friends, family, and fans. Site visitors can download and view videos in their preferred format and can subscribe to the video creator's content via an iTunes video podcast (using RSS), which automatically pushes the newest videos to the end-user's computer.

GUBA will roll out additional video upload features in Q2 2006, including reporting tools to track viewer visits, comments, and monetization capabilities. All video content will be hosted by GUBA. Initially, uploads will be limited to 200 MB. GUBA will expand this limit to 1 GB in April 2006. As a copyright-friendly service, GUBA does not index feature-length films or MP3s and is fully DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliant.