GSMA Calls for MPEG LA Patent License Review

Apr 05, 2005


The Board of the GSM Association (GSMA), a global trade association for the GSM operator community, has called for an immediate review of the current licensing program proposed by MPEG LA and the companies involved in this patent pool, for use of the Open Mobile Alliance's (OMA) Digital Rights Management (DRM) 1.0 standard. Speaking on behalf of the GSMA's Board, CEO and Board Member Rob Conway stated that the GSMA's Board had recognized that there was significant discontent for the terms of the licensing scheme as proposed by MPEG LA - describing the regime as ‘impractical, excessive and short-sighted'. The GSMA believes that members not only view the ‘per device' fee, as proposed by MPEG LA, as unreasonable and excessive but they also consider the ‘per transaction' fee as unworkable in the market.

Consequently the GSMA Board has instigated an immediate review of alternative DRM solutions and their license conditions on the market, so that a recommendation can be made to the Board and the membership as to those solutions that best meet the needs of the market, industry, and consumers. GSMA is soliciting proposals from all DRM solution providers by April 11, 2005. Proposals will be evaluated and short-listed for presentation to the Board from which recommendations would be made to the GSMA membership.