GRM Introduces New Actionable Analytics Tool 

Jan 11, 2018

GRM Information Management, a provider of data management, has introduced what it calls a powerful actionable analytics tool, capable of revolutionizing the way that companies get real-time insights into business-critical data trends – and how they use that information to drive competitive advantage in the marketplace. GRM's new actionable analytics solution concurrently analyzes internal company data and external data sets to create insights that can trigger immediate business alerts that are capable of dramatically impacting business outcomes.

GRM says its analytics tool provides the insights necessary for organizations to make transformative business decisions. For instance, a multinational corporation crunching enormous company datasets might receive an alert that a product is selling well in a specific region – information that often does not make its way to management until it is noted in a weekly or monthly report. But, equipped with this up-to-the-minute data, the corporation could react quickly, redistributing inventory or ramping up production, to capitalize on this opportunity.

The tool can also be used to identify and correct potential problems. Businesses establish a set of predetermined rules and data points that may include, for example, the crossing of a financial threshold or an operational shortfall. Depending on the results of its analysis, the system decides if action may be necessary and triggers real-time alerts to the appropriate parties. By integrating into day-to-day operations, the analytics tool enables companies to resolve minor issues before they become major problems.