GI Campaign Introduces New Standards for 360o, Real-Time, Individualized Campaign Deployment

May 12, 2016

GI Insight, the customer insight people, have introduced new standards in multi-channel marketing with their platform, GI Campaign which offers users the ability to identify and capture customer behaviour;  segment customers into different behavioral groups; apply a built-in decision engine that delivers personalized messages for each customer; automatically set up programmatic communications that activate email messages in real-time triggered by customer action.

GI Campaign can activate targeted communications through all marketing channels--email, postal mail, permission-based telephone, text, etc. These triggered communications vary from sales closure incentives, to upsell/cross-sell offers, to abandoned basket retrieval strategies.

GI Campaign integrates with existing customer database applications, whether CRM systems, bespoke Single Customer View (SCV) relational databases, loyalty systems, and more, helping to maximize existing investments. GI Campaign will also return results to existing customer management systems to update customer information and insight.

GI Campaign delivers real-time deployment based on online customer behavior, but also offers unique capabilities to link into a company's SCV database of customer intelligence-offline and online. This allows users to implement campaigns, and triggers, based on their 360o view of the customer, making offers and messages as appropriate, informed, and targeted as possible, leading to improved response, sales, and loyalty.