GE, ABC Family, National Pen, And DVC Worldwide License Mediabin DAM Software

Nov 08, 2002

MediaBin Inc. has announced that GE, ABC Family, National Pen and DVC Worldwide have licensed MediaBin Digital Asset Management (DAM) software to catalog, manage, and deploy rich media assets for their marketing and ebusiness initiatives. Through a centralized, Web-enabled catalog, employees and partners can find and download all brand-approved assets to launch products and campaigns faster while maintaining the integrity of each brand. The MediaBin suite of DAM products is designed to give corporations the ability to maximize their investment in digital assets by leveraging the latest, brand-approved content in ads, point-of-purchase, Web, training, public affairs, channel marketing, and other communication channels. In addition to automating asset cataloging, management, tracking, and deployment, MediaBin applications are intended to facilitate project collaboration and online order fulfillment, giving users a central, globally accessible source for all marketing and sales materials.