G5 Launches New Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer

Nov 19, 2019

G5, the leader in real estate marketing optimization, is launching Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer that improves digital advertising performance up to 25% and reduces cost-per-click by as much as 15%. An integral part of G5 Smart Digital Advertising, Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer uses advanced multi-touch attribution (MTA) to predict best advertising outcomes and automatically allocate daily ad investments across the campaigns, networks, and channels that are converting.

Benefits of G5 Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer:

  • Maximizes ad investments for clients by automatically allocating spend across the networks (Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) and channels (search, display, remarketing, and social) producing the highest number of conversions.
  • Dramatically improves advertising performance by leveraging billions of local data points to continuously evaluate and optimize campaign performance.
  • Orchestrates the most efficient campaign spend at the right time in the right network and channel, powered by G5’s customer journey models and advanced MTA.

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