Fyber Partners With Innovid to Bring Scale to VPAID Mobile Video

Dec 19, 2017

Fyber, a programmatic trading technology platform, has partnered with Innovid, a video marketing platform, to scale programmatic supply of VPAID video ads on mobile and in-app on its Video Advertising Monetization Platform (VAMP). Fyber’s proprietary in-app video player can now respond to the growing programmatic dollars going to mobile apps and enables publishers who support VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) to demand higher prices for the premium, interactive experience they enable an advertiser to offer.

With VAMP, Fyber has introduced a suite of video units that are tailored for the in-app environment and support VPAID. Those include outstream units such as landscape, square, and other full screen ad units such as rewarded video, and skippable interstitials. VPAID ads enable more user interactions and provide enhanced measurability (e.g., video impression, completion rates, interactive event reporting, viewability), brand safety and fraud feedback to the advertiser, becoming the format of choice of most advertisers. Fyber and Innovid’s partnership opens the market to more DSPs, advertisers and brands who are looking for VPAID inventory and equips publishers with greater access to the industry's best demand sources.

Beyond enabling both VAST and VPAID formats, VAMP also supports a wide variety of mobile ad units including in-feed videos in landscape, medium rectangle and square (1:1 aspect ratio), interstitial video (both vertical and horizontal), rewarded video, and more, along with general settings such as sound on/off, ability to skip, etc. All in-feed units support Inneractive’s proprietary ‘story-telling’ behavior which allows the video to play in consecutive ad slots, and to auto-pause and auto-resume as user scrolls to ensure viewability and high completion rates.

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