FunkySexyCool Selects Bango Mobile Web Platform

Apr 03, 2007

FunkySexyCool, a mobile social networking community, is using Bango's global mobile web platform to capture the global market. FunkySexyCool is a mobile social networking site where members create profiles as well as vote and message each other. FunkySexyCool has inbuilt features and functionality that monetizes each and every subscriber. FunkySexyCool was designed to enable members to: 'SuperVote', vote for every single guy or girl on FunkySexyCool or give your favorite member 500 votes, which also gets a link to your profile on their homepage; 'Callout', make a comment on a popular friend's profile and get yourself noticed; 'SuperStar', get your link on the main FunkySexyCool menu and get seen by all users online; and 'SMS Alerts', so that users are alerted when you're offline and receive messages.