FunMobility Debuts Mobile Engagement Ad Units

Jun 12, 2014

FunMobility, a provider of mobile engagement software and services, announced FunMobility Mobile Engagement Ad Units. These new ads offer an all-in-one solution for creating, targeting, launching, and measuring rich media mobile advertising. FunMobility has taken a complex process that has traditionally required multiple vendors and special technical expertise, and brought it under a single point solution. A market pilot with Burger King is currently underway.

A benefit of this streamlined platform is the ease of A/B testing and updating rich media campaigns in real time. In addition, the platform now also includes built-in audience targeting. The FunMobility Ad Units and the new FunMobility Ad Builder are both available on the company's Mobile Engagement Platform.

On click-through, FunMobility Ad Units transform to deliver an interactive experience and a variety of dynamic content, including mobile games, coupons, quizzes, and more.  Customers can also be prompted to opt-in for future offers and promotions via email, phone, or SMS. The entire ad unit exists as an overlay on top of the site or app being browsed. 

The HTML5 ads adhere to industry standards, including MRAID (Mobile Rich media Ad Interface Definitions), a standard that has been endorsed by both the IAB and the MMA. FunMobility Ad Units do not require any special technical expertise or new SDKs to create and launch, and are compatible with 95% of existing mobile apps and website.