Full Text Feeds Provide Untapped Advertising Audience, According to Report

May 19, 2006

Pheedo, RSS marketing and analytics provider, has released its third quarterly "Pheed Read" report, providing RSS publishers, advertisers, and users insight into RSS usage patterns. Pheedo's analysis is based on the activity on its network of advertisers and publishers. Pheedo hosts an online ad network for RSS, connecting advertisers to over 8,000 online publishers.

The following conclusions and analysis are based on traffic during Spring 2006. Study findings include: Consumers Remaining Within Aggregator / News Reader Environment To View RSS Content; Full-Text Feeds and Summary Feeds Garner Similar Click-Through Rates (CTR); Summary Feed CTR Varies Widely; Most Publishers Opt for Summary Feeds; Bloglines and MyYahoo! Lead RSS Content Aggregators; Standalone Ads Continue to Outperform Inline Ads; and Content Category Influences RSS Ad Performance; Niche Categories Yielding High Response Rates. The "Pheed Read" is released quarterly by Pheedo and details trends in RSS usage. In addition to the "Pheed Read," Pheedo provides analytics capabilities that allow publishers to view detailed feed usage information about their feeds.

(www.pheedo.com; www.pheedo.info)