Front Porch Digital Unveils DISTILL

Apr 01, 2014


Front Porch Digital, a provider of content storage management (CSM) solutions, announced the release of DISTILL. This new solution, delivered over four steps - capture, process, manage, and retrieve - ensures that almost any metadata created at any stage of the content lifecycle can now be easily and effectively managed.

DISTILL allows media professionals to work with the tools they prefer while ensuring that users enterprise-wide and beyond (subject to access permissions) can leverage that critical data. The central storage and accessibility of DISTILL data also reduces the need for data movement or errors in data transposition.

The DISTILL system leverages new technology from Stretchr. Within the metadata store, data is automatically organized and optimized by Stretchr. It also leverages the on-demand partial object restore capability of LYNX and DIVArchive, the company's CSM system, to enable the specific retrieval of the original artifact from any connected Front Porch Digital system.