Freshworks Announces Freshsuccess to Realize Unified View for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Success Professionals

Sep 05, 2019

Freshworks Inc., the customer engagement software company, announced Freshsuccess customer success management software, delivering an integrated customer view for marketing, sales, support and success professionals. Now, all go-to-market teams can leverage unified, holistic data of both accounts and contacts yielding the most up-to-date account activity and health information to identify accounts that are either at risk or ready to buy more goods and services.  

With Freshworks’ Freshsuccess, users get a detailed analysis of past behavior to create and configure customer health scores, allowing companies to grow an established customer base, identify any red flags and increase customer retention rates. In addition, Freshsuccess helps teams operationalize customer success in other important ways: 

  • Keep customer success teams organized, allowing everyone to centrally manage all of their customer-related activities such as alerts, workflows, and tasks
  • Streamline business intelligence and easily identify behavioral trends while uncovering valuable customer insights
  • Automate alerts and notify team members when important events occur that are indicative of changes in account health
  • Leverage AI/ML to help predict when opportunities are present
  • Receive timely notifications that suggest precise actions to specific contacts who may be frustrated, in need of help or open to new product suggestions

Freshsuccess will be generally available in January 2020.

With Freshsuccess’ Master Customer Record, teams can also utilize critical account-level information and insight to better serve and deepen the customer relationship. Now, all teams across the enterprise can move beyond simple contact information to align behind key account strategies that maintain the highest satisfaction levels possible while increasing upsell and cross-sell opportunities that may exist across departments, geographies, and business units.  

Using the Master Customer Record, Freshsuccess provides greater alignment on the account level for important benefits across the organization including:

  • Customer health and alerting can be leveraged across the business to drive consistent, contextual engagement across all functions
  • Marketers can quickly identify advocates, build case studies and identify the strongest industries
  • Sales can leverage data for cross-sell and upsell opportunities, while determining account health to net strong and relevant references
  • Support professionals can gain increased context for ticket triage and escalation
  • Finance teams can achieve additional insight into future revenue risk by reporting on revenue.
  • The product organization can gain greater understanding of customer engagement by lifecycle stage, tier, or other account-level characteristics

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