Frengo Buzz Platform Offers Mobile Content for Friends on the Go

Jun 29, 2007

Frengo, a mobile social network, has announced the Buzz Platform, a tool for spontaneous web and mobile interaction among friend circles and broader communities. The Frengo Buzz Platform allows users to create interactive messaging channels called Buzz, and invites participation through a combination of web and mobile tools. With Frengo users can build groups of friends and share their Buzz messages privately. The Frengo Buzz Platform can help find Buzz within the Frengo community, or create and share their own Buzz. Users can find Buzz by surfing Frengo’s public Buzz directory, or by watching the “What’s Buzzing Now” board--a real-time running list of community wide Buzz. They can join and participate in any Buzz via the web or your mobile phone. They can also take an active role in the Buzz by responding to questions, quizzes, and polls, or by creating comments and leaving feedback. As a Frengo member, users can create an unlimited number of Buzz channels for free that can be shared publicly or kept private within their friend circles. Frengo provides templates for creating their own Buzz channels and will market their Buzz Channel for them in the public Buzz directory. The more “friends” who subscribe to a user’s Buzz channel, the more Frengo Points they earn, which can be redeemed for things like ringtones, MP3 players, digital cameras and game consoles.