Free Range Content Unveils New Features for Repost.Us

Jun 28, 2011

Free Range Content announced new features and functionality for Repost.Us, an instant syndication platform that makes articles and stories embeddable. Repost.Us will feature a new monetization model through Amazon Payments that establishes tiered pricing for content syndication, and is also introducing a new WordPress plug-in which simplifies the process of adding Repost.Us to self-hosted WordPress sites.

Repost.Us can be used to monetize digital work, automate online syndication, and increase reach and revenue, while managing the content syndication process. Publishers and bloggers can now choose pricing based on impression or page-view limits or simply set a flat fee for syndication, or they can also choose free distribution to improve reach.

Free Range Content, Inc. is also offering an incentive for bloggers and small publishers to install Repost.Us on their sites and make their content available for syndication. From June 21 through July 31, every blogger or publisher who installs Repost.Us and keeps it operational for a minimum of 30 days will receive a $10 gift certificate to ThinkGeek, an online tech gift store. In addition, Free Range Content will hold a drawing for a $500 gift certificate to ThinkGeek on September 30, 2011, awarded to a randomly selected Repost.Us-enabled site.