Freckle Launches Killi App Built on the Blockchain to Give Consumers Control of Their Identity

Jun 26, 2018


Freckle IoT, a multi-channel offline attribution company, announced the launch and availability of Killi, a consumer application built on the blockchain that allows people to begin to take back control of their identity from corporations that have been using their information without their consent. Now available in both the Apple and Google app stores in North America, Killi is Freckle’s first consumer-facing solution that allows consumers to give consent for the use of their identity and be compensated in cash. By storing all transactions on the blockchain Killi provides brands and consumers with a full audit trail and exposes who purchased their data and for how much. In purchasing data directly from the user, Killi is redistributing the value of the data back to its rightful owner, the consumer.

Payments to consumers using Killi are currently made via direct deposits into PayPal and Amazon accounts with additional redemption features to be announced in the coming weeks.

Any company that operates in any capacity in the European Union (EU) now must be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The online advertising ecosystem has historically been dependent on third-party data that is not compliant with GDPR. Killi will provide advertisers with a first-party user base that is 100% verifiable, opt-in, and GDPR compliant.