FourSpots Launches Self-Advertising Social Platform

Nov 13, 2007

FourSpots, a self-service video advertising marketplace for small businesses, introduced an updated version of its ad platform. Its new AdMasher delivers video spots to targeted audiences across the four types of screens: web, mobile phones, digital display advertising, and television. The AdMasher mashes up FourSpots video ad templates as well as user submitted assets of video, images, and audio. The new version of FourSpots' platform and AdMasher is intended to offer an affordable path to video advertising for small businesses. But it also adds new benefits, such as free membership in the business social networks created by the FourSpots platform. Through these networks, video spots are automatically syndicated to major search engines and businesses can form their own affiliate groups and recommend suppliers, vendors, and services. Businesses in the FourSpots social community can post descriptions, testimonials, pictures, and video. They can also request affiliations and easily communicate with other businesses, similar to the communication channels on Facebook. In addition, each business group is given its own search directory, taking the form of a local or vertical market search engine.