Fortiva Launches Archiving & Compliance Suite

Feb 15, 2005

Fortiva Inc. has announced the availability of its hybrid solution for email archiving, compliance, and legal discovery. Featuring DoubleBlind Encryption technology, The Fortiva Archiving & Compliance Suite is intended to offer businesses the benefits of an in-house product with the advantages of a managed solution. The Fortiva Archiving & Compliance Suite consists of five components: Fortiva Policy, Fortiva Archive, Fortiva Discovery, Fortiva Supervision, and Fortiva Reports. Integrating with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, the Suite is designed to provide businesses with complete data privacy in an easy-to-implement and use application with real-time search and discovery, supervision, and enforcement features.

Before being sent to the Fortiva Network, every email is encrypted by a Fortiva Appliance that resides within the customer's network, behind corporate firewalls. Data is then sent in encrypted form to Fortiva's Network, where it is stored. Fortiva maintains the data, but does not have the encryption keys needed to view the content. The Fortiva Appliance at the customer site holds the encryption keys but not the data. As a result, data is only accessible by the customer, with access to both the Fortiva Appliance and the Fortiva Network.