Forscene Boosts Editing and Collaborative Capabilities in Newest Release

Nov 17, 2015

A new iteration of Forbidden's professional video editing softwareForscene, will be released on Nov. 24 and will be immediately available to all clients of the post-production platform. The functionality introduced in this release enables new Avid workflows and aims to increase efficiencies on multitrack productions. Forscene says many of the new features were requested by longtime client Princess Productions.

Long-form broadcast clients often log and create rough cuts in Forscene and then move to Avid to complete their edits. This new feature means that clients can now move seamlessly between Avid and Forscene at any point during the offline edit.

Other noteworthy additions to Forscene's feature list include:

  • Support for up to 12 active video tracks and 24 audio tracks on the timeline 
  • The ability to concurrently see all video tracks in a sequence during playback - and to toggle between this multidisplay grid view and the usual top-down view of video layers
  • The option to publish audio-only clips in a variety of formats
  • Faster publishing for video content with added graphics and overlays