FormScape Announces Covus

Nov 07, 2003

FormScape has announced its newest offering: Covus. Covus is a software solution targeting business process improvements by focusing on the intersection of production documents, manual tasks, and system processes. Bringing together specialized document management technologies and expertise, the Covus solution is designed to streamline information processes across financial operations, supply chain management, customer communication, and manufacturing operations. Covus transforms fragmented data, documents, and activities into integrated information processes, enabling companies to control costs, rapidly respond to change, improve communication and customer service, and accomplish more with fewer resources. The Covus solution capabilities span multi-channel input, document imaging, enterprise report management and multi-channel distribution backed by a core transformation and integration engine. Features of the Covus software solution include: merging in real time information, images, and data from multiple sources; digitally capturing, storing, tracking and retrieving content from physical documents; speed customer payment and supplier delivery by ensuring faster availability of information such as online invoice and statement presentment or automated proof of delivery; providing online self-service and automated help desk access to business information; enabling rapid and easy changes to information process and related documents with a centralized archive for regulatory compliance; and customizing and personalizing the delivery of customer-facing communication. The Covus solution is immediately available worldwide directly from FormScape.