ForgeRock Establishes OpenIDM Project for Open Source Identity Management

Oct 28, 2010

ForgeRock launched the open source OpenIDM project, which seeks to to create an identity management system for enterprise software systems. OpenIDM provides a web interface for system administrators to create, update and delete user accounts with their respective privileges and identity data on diverse systems. It works in conjunction with a wide range of identity software, including the ForgeRock I3 platform. The project aims to deliver an enterprise provisioning solution in early 2011.

ForgeRock is investing in OpenIDM to create the third "pillar" of its open source Identity and Access management portfolio, which is part of the ForgeRock I3 platform. OpenIDM's architecture is flexible and developer-friendly, and enables a hybrid model of storing entitlement-carrying attributes for certification, audits and compliance reasons. OpenIDM is fully open source.