Forbes and PodcastOne Announce Launch of Forbes On PodcastOne Network

Sep 01, 2016

Forbes and PodcastOne, an advertiser-supported podcast network, announced a partnership to launch the Forbes on PodcastOne network. The deal includes joint efforts in podcast development and production, as well as distribution, promotion, marketing and advertising sales. The companies plan to collaborate on podcasts in the areas of video gaming, sports, tech, hip-hop and more, initially launching with four programs focused on business, women, and tech.

Forbes on PodcastOne, which Forbes will oversee, will feature programs that integrate Forbes content and are hosted by Forbes contributors or staff journalists.  For the launch, beginning the first week of October, the roster will comprise The Limit Does Not Exist, Mentoring Moments, and Hiding in the Bathroom, podcasts produced internally by Forbes for its women's digital network Women@Forbes, launched in April. The fourth program is a tech podcast The Premise developed and launched by Forbes several months ago. 

The partnership combines the resources and promotional reach of the two companies, which they say include 6.8 million Forbes magazine readers in the U.S. and approximately 50 million unique monthly visitors to, as well as PodcastOne's lineup of 200 programs which saw 1.5 billion downloads in 2015. 

Forbes on PodcastOne programs will be available on,, the PodcastOne app and iTunes.