Folloze Launches Data and AI Powered Personalization Engine, Turning Insights into Action

May 09, 2019

Folloze, a B2B Customer Engagement Platform, is unveiling the Personalization Engine—its newest offering designed to leverage robust data and artificial intelligence (AI) to customize content-based experiences throughout the customer journey. This new Engine enables B2B enterprises to engage both current and prospective customers in much deeper and more meaningful ways. Personalization is a key factor in customer engagement—based on a recent research by the Epsilon Group, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. The company is also announcing its integration with the Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platform to fuel AI-powered intent and account-rich data into the Personalization Engine. Folloze customers will now have access to the most advanced customer engagement platform on the market.

The Folloze Customer Engagement Platform is powered by the Experience, Personalization and Orchestration Engines. The Personalization Engine includes the following capabilities:

  • Real time hyper-personalization of customer experiences including messaging, content, creative elements, and engagement actions
  • Personalization rules tool that allows the mapping of experience elements to any account or contact attribute
  • Dynamic seller mapping that assign account managers and account owners to  their account’s campaign, as well as deliver their account engagement analytics
  • Field campaigns hyper personalization that applies personalization capabilities to any field driven campaigns, initiated by either marketing or sales
  • AI and data aggregation from a variety of platforms to build and act upon the richest and most up-to-date account and contact data and insights

These new capabilities allow the ability to deliver hyper-personalized experiences designed by any marketer in the company and across all customer touch points, both for inbound and outbound strategies.

As part of the launch, Folloze is also announcing a partnership with Demandbase to allow B2B companies to power Folloze’s personalization and orchestration capabilities with Demandbase’s robust ABM Platform and Targeting solutions. The end result is AI-powered, hyper-personalized, multi channel ABM programs, at scale.

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