Folloze Advances Intelligent Personalized Marketing with $11M in Series B Funding

Oct 31, 2019

Folloze, the leader in applied hyper-personalization, announced a series B funding round of $11 million and the addition of Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase and Sydney Sloan, CMO of SalesLoft to its advisory board, as well as industry veteran Brian Gentile as Chairman of its executive board, to help shepherd its vision for an important new paradigm for B2B marketers — Full-Funnel Personalized Marketing.

Folloze is leading this new marketing wave by uniting three critical aspects — none of which, on their own, can fully enable marketers to seize upon it:

  • Data and AI: The Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform dynamically combines visitor data, intent data and account data - from multiple sources within and outside a marketing organization’s purview - yielding a depth of personalization previously impossible.
  • Multi-channel: The Platform personalizes across virtually any and all channels used by B2B marketers and sellers, thereby providing a perceived 1-to-1 engagement with B2B customers, and improving conversions across their entire buying journey.
  • Scale: It achieves an unprecedented level of personalization scale from a relatively small amount of creative resources via automation, as well as leveraging the sales channel to extend marketing reach.

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