FocusVision Announces InterVu

Jul 12, 2018

FocusVision, a full-spectrum insights and analytics technology solutions provider, made two announcements. FocusVision announced the debut of InterVu Now, a new cost-effective solution that allows anyone to conduct online focus groups or video interviews. Purpose built for modern research, InterVu Now delivers the ability to run an effective digital focus group through high-quality video capture, interactive monitoring, and easy-to-use playback features.

 Additionally, FocusVision has made improvements to the full-featured version of InterVu. Utilizing the latest technology in machine learning and AI, InterVu can now handle more than 60 project scheduling scenarios of varying complexity through an Alexa-like assistant. With this level of enhanced automation, customers have always-on access to programs leading to the ability to schedule a new project at any time and receive 24/7 updates throughout the data collection period. GDPR compliance is also baked in, minimizing the risk to the organization by ensuring the correct personal data is automatically anonymized.