Flypaper Studio Introduces Flypaper CMS

Jun 20, 2013


Flypaper Studio, Inc. has announced the introduction of Flypaper CMS. Flypaper CMS enables users to manage, schedule and monitor multiple digital display screens and networks from a single workstation.

Flypaper CMS consists of a trio of elements that create a single system. The Scheduler lets you specify when, where, and which of your content will appear. Just a few keystrokes allow different content to appear in different locations. Content schedules can be prioritized for specified periods of time, allowing short-term promotions to take precedence over regularly scheduled content.

From the dashboard screen, you can control all your displays in a unified manner. You can also instantly see if any screens are experiencing abnormal conditions such as a loss of internet connectivity or low disk space.

Flypaper CMS resides in the Cloud, and can be accessed through any standard web browser without the need to install or maintain expensive servers or infrastructure.