Fluid AI Plans to Launch World’s First AI Based Equity Fund

Feb 06, 2018

AI startup Fluid AI is working to launch what it calls the world's first AI equity fund. It will use it's deep learning nets to sift through 50 years of international stock market data and understand which stocks performed better based on their financial returns, asset holdings, performance data, and thousands of other data variables. Fluid AI will also learn from trades made by some of the greatest investors of our time, like Warren Buffett. Different engines are being trained to learn different investment strategies from value investing to growth investing. Fluid AI has been testing these algorithms and their performance over the last year and says that the engine is now ready to start handling other people's funds. 

The same company made waves globally last year by working together with Warren Buffett and Forbes to launch the world's first ever AI magazine cover. You can talk to Warren on your iPhone or Android phone by going to forbes.com/100 on your phone browser. Once there you can ask him (in your own voice) his opinion on Bitcoin, stocks, investments, Donald Trump, and a host of other things.