Fluentmedia Boosts International Content

Oct 18, 2002

FluentMedia, a content-licensing agency of Tribune Company, has enhanced its global business coverage through the addition of daily economic, political, and market-development reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ViewsWire. Each day, ViewsWire highlights up to 200 international news developments and provides briefings on their meaning. In addition to political and economic news, the ViewsWire supplies in-depth coverage of 16 global industry groups. More than 100 countries are monitored by EIU's global network of 500 analysts. As part of the FluentMedia topics that are integrated into their intranet and extranet sites, customers will have now have access to the full text of EIU ViewsWire. In addition to incorporating EIU content into FluentMedia's information service, the two parties are making plans to expand their offerings for the international business community. FluentMedia is a unit of Tribune Media Services, the content-syndication arm of Tribune Company.

(http://www.fluentmediainfo.com), (http://www.tms.tribune.com)