Flowsee - The Sharing Network Launches

Oct 15, 2012

Flowsee is based on an entirely open and democratic design concept, users have the chance to interact, not only with each other, but to prioritize their choice of content.

Users of the website are invited to create pages on any topic that interests them or that they wish to publicize. Stories, images, photos, music and videos can all be uploaded and the open site allows other users to then interact and vote on the best content -- ensuring quality posts receive the highest level of exposure.

Besides the benefit to individual creatives, Flowsee offers a new way for businesses and companies to reach out to customers. By building a personalized business page, companies can replace classic homepages and cut programming and hosting costs ensures. Businesses can concentrate on connection, promotion and selling all with a single URL.

Flowsee bills "itself as the sharing network on which you can share, promote or advertise and reach the whole world with a single post."