Flow.ai Launches Conversational AI Toolkit

Oct 19, 2017

Flow.ai launches the Flow.ai Conversational AI Toolkit. Flow.ai takes conversational AI design a step further by offering the tools for professional teams to easily collaborate on building chatbots or other conversational applications. Flow.ai takes a unique approach by dividing the chatbot development process into separate apps. This allows writers to model the dialogue flows without technical knowhow, developers to code additional functionality, and customer service representatives to respond to questions the AI is unable to answer. All these functions are combined into one suite of tools.

The first prototype debuted on Web Summit last November, where Flow.ai was promptly named one of the most in demand AI startups.

Here's a rundown of some of the features:

  •     Multimedia support: video, images, audio or text
  •     Multi channel (Facebook Messenger, web client, CRM integrations)
  •     State of the art Neural Natural Language Processing
  •     Multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian)
  •     MacOS Flow AI app
  •     iOS + javascript SDKs
  •     Chat interface to directly take over dialogues

Flow.ai is available for free by creating an account.