Flatirons Digital Innovations Enters Partnership with MarkLogic

Jun 18, 2019

Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc., FDI, a content services consultant and system integrator, announced it has entered into a partnership with MarkLogic, provider of the next-generation data platform for simplifying complex data integration.

With the MarkLogic Data Hub at its core, MarkLogic is a highly differentiated data platform that eliminates friction at every step of the data integration process, enabling organizations to achieve a 360-degree view faster than ever. By simplifying data integration, MarkLogic helps organizations gain agility, lower IT costs, and safely share their data.

FDI builds custom content and data management solutions to help enterprises further expand their value with the support needed to understand and integrate today’s emerging technologies. Its expertise spans digital transformation, data integration, analytics, custom publishing solutions and workflows, and more. Among its clients are hospitals and healthcare networks, banks, insurance companies and other financial services organizations, energy and manufacturing companies, educational publishers, and clients in the public sector.

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