Five Trends Identified in Information Security, According to Report

May 22, 2007

MessageGate Inc., a provider of email governance, has released a study that uncovers issues and concerns surrounding information security and IT governance for enterprise messaging. The MessageGate MarketInsight study, entitled “Reshaping Information Security: The Convergence of Content & Security in Corporate Messaging,” is based on multiple events in collaboration with The Roundtable Network where more than 40 executive-level participants discussed the challenges of email and messaging governance. According to the report, IT and security professionals face two major forces related to enterprise messaging: a content deluge due to growing volumes of electronic documents that must be retained, stored and made accessible for retrieval; and a security deficiency caused by ever worsening end-user habits as it relates to the use and misuse of enterprise messaging tools.

The report also identified five key trends that can define the role of information security going forward: information security and IT have to build expertise in records retention, electronic discovery and legal matters to better manage legal requests and compliance; the end-user is essential. How employees use available technology and their awareness of authorized usage is more of a concern than the underlying technology itself; the next generation of employees will enter the workforce with personal laptops, mobile devices and software instead of having them provided by the company, creating a new level of control and security issues that IT departments must be prepared to meet; email is not going to be displaced by another mechanism of communication, but it will be augmented; Enterprise messaging will expand to include instant messaging, text messaging, and other forms of internet-based communication and collaboration; and companies must have the organizational will to embrace governance issues and be proactive in addressing them, versus treating them as bad news to be avoided. The full MessageGate MarketInsight report is available free online at the MessageGate website.