Five Partners Join Ex Libris in Developing Online Reading-List Solution

Jan 29, 2015

Ex Libris Group, a provider of library automation solutions, is pleased to announce a development partnership with the libraries of the University of Oklahoma (OU) in the US, Imperial College and Kingston University in the UK, KU Leuven in Belgium, and UNSW Australia. The partners will participate in the development of a new reading-list solution that is now in the works at Ex Libris.

Tailored to the needs of instructors and students, the reading-list solution will provide an application enabling instructors to create, maintain, and review course reading lists of all types and to monitor their use. Students will be able to access the items on reading lists and to track reading-related tasks. The solution will be tightly integrated with institutional systems such as course-management, library-management, and discovery systems, as well as with third-party systems and services.