Five Across Ships Drag & Drop Web Publishing

May 20, 2005

Five Across, Inc. has extended its technology to enable the creation of multi-page Web sites. Available immediately, the hosted service, Bubbler, provides page navigation that is generated automatically; updates text and pages in real time; provides drag-and-drop photo, audio, and video sharing; and has a group model that provides wiki-like collaboration for authorized users. Five Across's new technology is designed to bring the ease of blogging to the business users and professionals who want a quality Web presence at reasonable cost.

Users create web pages by dragging and dropping their content - including digital photographs, movies, audio, and other multimedia assets, as well as business documents like spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Five Across's Server technology combines the content into Web pages; as each page is added, navigation is created automatically and added to all site pages. Content can be presented in different styles through a set of designer templates.

The media-rich hosted sites are powered by Five Across' Server, which integrates multiple network protocols into a replacement for Apache Web servers. The Five Across Server integrates Web hosting, content management, and messaging, eliminating the need to source and manage separate Web server, SMTP, instant messaging, and file sharing systems. Five Across offers an OEM Server to ISPs and Web service providers to offer blog and Web site hosting to their customers. The Five Across Workgroup Server, which includes the instant messaging and group collaboration client software, is also available to corporations for business blogging behind the firewall.

Effective immediately, Five Across offers Bubbler Hosted accounts starting at $5 per month, depending on storage and bandwidth usage. A free Bubbler 1 account is available for content contributors or for simple text blogging. The Five Across OEM Server for ISPs and other blog hosting providers and the Five Across Workgroup Server are both available immediately.