Five Across Announces Partnership with pairNIC

Jun 17, 2005

Five Across, Inc., a start-up for small business Web site creation with Bubbler, its drag and drop Web publishing service, has announced a partnership with pairNIC, a domain registration service.

Bubbler customers will now be able to personalize their Web site address by purchasing a domain name from pairNIC, which will point to their Web site created with Bubbler. Bubbler users create Web pages by dragging and dropping their content - including digital photographs, movies, audio, and other multimedia assets, as well as business documents like spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Page navigation is generated automatically; text and pages are created in real time; pages are dynamically created using designer templates intended to produce a professional Web site. A group model is designed to provide wiki-like collaboration for authorized users and content can be syndicated with a simple mouse click through built in RSS capability.

Five Across offers Bubbler Hosted accounts starting at $5 per month, depending on storage and bandwidth usage. A free Bubbler 1 account is available for content contributors or for simple text blogging. The Five Across OEM Server for ISPs and hosting providers and the Five Across Workgroup Server are both available.