FireFly Cinema Unveils FireVision, a New Cloud-based Collaborative Workflow Solution

Mar 22, 2018

FireFly Cinema, a developer of affordable software for the digital workflow from film set dailies processing to postproduction color grading and finish, will unveil FireVision, a new cloud-based application designed to help production teams easily share comments, tag videos, color data, and resolve issues from any location. The company will also release version 7 of its digital color management software suite. Used on hundreds of feature films (LA LA LandPlanetariumThe History of LoveBelle and Sebastien), FireFly Cinema solutions provide an integrated and production-wide approach to managing color workflows on-set, through dailies and postproduction.

The collaborative approach of the tool enables teams to view and select videos, regardless of the format they were shot including ARRIRAW, R3D, Sony RAW and more. With FireVision, users can create tags, mark circle takes, make frame-accurate comments, and approve digital dailies all from within an easy to use web-based interface.

FireVision includes rights and access management features to ensure that team members only have access to the footage they are allowed to work on—according to their role and function. Once media files are stored in the cloud, versioning mistakes are minimized and security is enhanced compared to moving physical copies over unsecured paths.

FireVision is compatible with FireDay (FireFly’s solution for dailies), which enables FireDay users to backup, color grade, and sound sync their RAW files easily and upload them to the cloud.