Fios Introduces Collection Planning Assessment Service

Sep 05, 2006

Fios, Inc., a provider of electronic discovery services, has introduced a new Collection Planning Assessment (CPA) service to help corporations understand their greatest areas of risk and cost when collecting electronically stored information (ESI) in response to discovery requests. The CPA provides a view into the people, processes, and technologies required for identifying, preserving, and collecting ESI subject to litigation and governmental investigations. Fios' CPA is a service offered to general counsel so they can be better prepared to: respond to preservation and electronic discovery obligations within a required 120 timeframe; ensure litigation hold and evidence collection processes are enforceable, documented and defensible; and prepare for initial "Meet and Confer" conferences by being able to argue and define accessibility/inaccessibility of data, data quantities, data locations, data types, burden, and cost.

Fios' CPA begins with an assessment of the organization's existing processes for identifying, preserving and collecting ESI. The assessment utilizes a series of on-site, guided interviews, which yield information on data repositories and current preservation and collection methodologies. Clients receive a report containing quantitative scores on their existing business practices in four areas: litigation response planning, data identification, preservation methodologies, and collection practices. The initial assessment concludes with an in-person executive briefing of the findings and includes recommendations for collection process improvements. The report provides a risk rating of the organization's collection processes based on Fios' ESI Risk Assessment Matrix. This analysis from Fios identifies which data stores are most likely to be subject to discovery in relation to the organization's ability to preserve and harvest ESI from those repositories.