FinancialContent Launches Free Google Publisher Resource Center

Aug 20, 2004

FinancialContent, Inc. has announced the availability of a Publisher Resource Center to provide online and print publications with resources covering the initial public offering (IPO) of Google, Inc. The Publisher Resource Center will provide free charts, graphs, and tables designed to complement editorial coverage of Google in its market debut. The content will be constantly updated throughout the first day of trading. Editors and publishers of Web and print publications may freely re-publish the content on Web sites, corporate intranets, and print publications as long as the content is not altered. Some of the content that will be available includes: Overview of the IPO; Up-to-the-minute stock charts; Market-cap tracker, including side-by-side comparison with industry peers (Yahoo, Amazon, eBay); P/E Ratio tracker, including side-by-side comparison with industry peers; and Net worth of key executives and shareholders. Samples of the content can be viewed at Editors, publishers, journalists, and news media directors are invited to visit the Web site to sign up for this free service.